01 September 2012

Welcome Simba!

We adopted Simba when he was 11 weeks old. This is from his first day with us.

Simba's 2nd day. He loves to play with balls and anything he can "hunt".

I crocheted an octopus for his royal highness. He loves that thing to death!

Simba met his Nuncle Effie, played hard with the octopus, then passed out.

My boys!

Simba is a book cat.


Simba grew so much in the 5 days we were gone in Seattle!!!

Master Sass discovered how to jump onto the sink. Our new bathroom has a much larger counter. He loves it.

Watching the boids.

Cuddling with mama's hand.

Simba loves to sit on the things I need to fold, iron, or sew.

Oh, you need to use this basket? Well work around me.

We don't have any pictures of Simba from the last week thanks to moving. He has grown even more and is full of sass. He loves to whine and complain. And we love him so much already.

We've Moved!

Hello any faithful readers out there in bloggerworld! Many apologies for the long hiatus yet again. Husband and I have had our hands full of working, exercising, starting a new diet, adopting a kitten, and moving. Well, we're back!

Yes, Husband and I are adhering to a diet. We started it at the beginning of June and tried it for a month and decided we really liked it. This diet includes fruit smoothies, lots of veggies, no beef or pork, some chicken, and a very small amount of sweets and treats. We feel great, we feel healthy, and we have more energy!

At the beginning of July we adopted a kitten. I'll fill a post full of pictures of him for you. His name is Simba, he is currently 4 months old, and he's a right little ham.

Finally, on Monday we moved into a new flat! We're still in the same little town, but now we're closer to the downtown area and can walk to just about anyplace we might need to go. I think this means we'll be walking to dinner a lot more! 

We can't wait to share our lives with you!

24 May 2012

Husband Dinner 5

Last night was dinner number five for Husband and he made the most amazingly delicious tortilla rollups imaginable.

They were delicious and will probably be a repeat meal this summer when the days get super hot and neither of us can be assed to cook in the kitchen.

You can make tortilla rollups too! Here is a link to the inspiration: Pioneer Woman!

19 May 2012

Husband Can Cook

For as long as I can remember, Husband has always wanted to help out in the kitchen. He wants to help out, but sometimes, according to him, he feels inadequate compared to me. Which is why he scurries away and plays video games whenever he realizes he needs to be taught how to do something. It does not help that our kitchen is too small for even one person.

I knew Husband wanted to help out and after mulling things over for a while I proposed an experiment; husband must cook dinner once a week without my help. That way he can gain experience and confidence in the kitchen. So far the experiment has been a success! Husband has cooked dinner 4 times and each meal has been delicious.

Meal number Uno was spaghetti with meat sauce. I stayed at the kitchen table and told Husband what to put in our big pot. It was delicious, tasted exactly like my mother's spaghetti, and the clean up was simple.

Meal number Zwei was chili. Not just any chili. Husband's mother's family recipe for chili. It was spectacular....although next time the beans need to be less crunchy.

Meal number San was lettuce wraps. This meal was most definitely amazing, partially because I had a killer migraine the day Husband made them. I could not have been assed to cook either way. And the fresh ginger helped clear up my sinuses.

Meal Four was last night. Husband had wanted to make marinated chicken on the grill, but we do not have a grill. So he baked the chicken, made baked (in the microwave) potatoes, and lima beans. I am one of probably 5 people in the world who loves lima beans. Om nom nom.

So far Husband has proven himself every time he has made a meal. I am very proud of him and can't wait to see what he will cook up for us next week.

13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to the most important woman in my life! I love you mom!

08 May 2012

Check One Thing Off My Bucket List

On Sunday I went and did something I've wanted to do for the past 10 + years. Here's a hint:

Did you get it? If not, here's another hint: 

Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
I saw my most favorite band in the entire universe on Sunday. Rammstein has held my love for over 10 years, thanks to my dad introducing me to their music. Thanks dad! Next concert will be you and me!

Husband and I, as the punctual people that we are, got to The Palace super early. We were both just so stinkin' excited. We managed to walk around part of the building, stopping at the front and sitting for a while. We managed to see the drummer of the band, Schneider, get out of a van and walk by all the trucks.

Now how is it that two rather....frugal individuals such as yourselves managed to get into such a large venue, may be your question. Let's just say that I received an e-mail back in November informing me about Rammstein's North American tour. Husband and I decided to buy each other tickets as a Christmas present.

We got the tickets cheap and decided that even the nosebleed section would be perfect for us. Imagine our surprise on the day of the concert, finding out that the entire upper level of The Palace had been curtained off and we, the former holders of tickets in section 216, had been moved to section 104, eye level with the stages.

I believe the worst part of Sunday was the waiting we had to do once we found our seats. As it is with all venues, nothing starts on time. But I digress, the opening "band" for Rammstein was a member of Combichrist doing dubstep remixes of Rammstein's songs, complete with video. It is rather quite wicked and pumped everybody's blood up for the show.

And then Rammstein came out, walking down steps in the auditorium. I'm afraid my pictures do not do the band any justice. I did not bring my camera into The Palace (since it said right on the tickets "no cameras or recording equipment allowed").

Now, the video at the beginning was full of images of olympic athletes running and doing other feats of physical prowess. As Rammstein emerged, the man at the head (which Husband and I think was the bassist) held a flaming torch. Another man, Flake (the keyboardist), carried the Michigan flag. And another band member carried a flag with the Rammstein logo.

Slowly they made their way down the steps and onto a stage, which then moved them up to a catwalk. They walked across, stood in position, and the man carrying the olympic torch walked over to one side of the stage and lit a big torch. And then....and then....it began.

Words cannot describe how amazing this band is. First and foremost, they sound as amazing live as they do on CD. Also, they are all licensed pyrotechnicians. This means that the special effects rocked. And it does not help that Rammstein knows how to put on a good show. Unf, amazing.

Here is an example of how amazing Rammstein is. This was taken at the show I went to by someone who was on the floor. For those who are curious, this is during Engel. Aka my favorite song.

All in all, Husband and I had the time of our lives. We headbanged and shouted until our throats and necks were sore, then did it some more. Yesterday I had a hard time going back to the mundane life I lead, knowing that I wouldn't be headbanging again for a while.

We will be seeing Rammstein again. And dad? You are coming with us!

21 March 2012

A Victor Story

Once upon a time there was a red fish named Victor.

He wasn't always called Victor, his mom had given him his name the moment he flared angrily at daddy in the pet shop. She said that him flaring at daddy was the indicator that he would fit in well with the family. 

Victor was taken home and fit in well with the family. He learned that the shaking sound meant that food was on the way, begged his butt off, and generally had a grand old time, even after mommy and daddy brought home a baby brother.

Soon Victor realized he was growing. He was growing growing growing growing growing! He had finally reached teenager mode. He no longer wanted the pellet - no, he wanted the pellet! Just not there! Come back! - No, he didn't want that pellet anymore if  mom/dad was not going to give it to him. He also practiced his belligerent and surly faces every day just for mommy in case she had her camera handy.

Victor enjoyed doing silly, derpy things like getting stuck between rocks, under the bridge, or in the castle. He finally got mommy to notice he had outgrown the castle after getting properly stuck in it. Her derisive laughter soon had him scowling and flaring.

"Okay, Victor," he heard her speak, "it is time to get you a bigger home."

Victor's mom did get him a bigger home! A 2.5 gallon tank with plenty of room to swim and a fun Japanese lantern to hide in. Victor was in betta fish heaven!

But he couldn't help but notice the wide open area at the top of the tank. Victor was curious....and began to jump. Jump! *PLOP* He landed in the water again.

"Victor!" Shouted mommy. "Stop that!"

Victor thought shouting-mommy was fun. So he continued to jump over the course of a week. One day he gathered enough strength and JUMPED! and landed in a scary dark area that was very dry and hard to breathe in. Victor had jumped out of his tank!

Victor didn't remember too much other than being very, very scared. He hoped someone would come help him. He faintly heard mommy in the distance. Suddenly it was very bright! He flopped nervously on the strange ground. Something picked him up and dropped him back in his tank. He was back! He was safe! Until mommy went face-to-face with him and started yelling and scolding. He was still very spooked about his adventure, but managed to put on a belligerent face as mommy said the one scary line he'd never thought scary before.

"Just you wait until your father gets home."

Daddy did scold Victor when he got home. And mommy put something on top of Victor's tank. Victor stayed spooked for another day, although he made sure to look belligerent and surly whenever he came out from hiding. 

Victor is much better now, although from time to time he still will jump. And hit the glass ceiling on top of his tank. But he still manages to look like it is all his parents' fault when he does.

The end.